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MULTIPLIER EVENT - E2 - Primrose Publishing Ltd, UK at Edge Hotel School University of Esse


After much delay and uncertainty, the event finally took place at the Edge School in the University of Essex in Colchester on 17 August 2016.

The Edge Hotel School runs a BA course in Hotel Management. It is completed in 2 years so there are no holidays. They continue for the two years uninterrupted.

It means that the course is very intense and for this reason, languages do not form part of the main course.  However, students are encouraged to follow a language at the university, which is on the same site. 

August is the height of the holiday season in Britain and, despite invitations sent to many hotels, none of them were willing to spare any of their staff.

However the students of the Edge Hotel School do all their training in a real hotel:  the Wyvenhoe House Hotel which is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the East of England. It has no staff of its own, apart for the Hotel Manager and Finance Manager. The students are the staff.

The participants included teachers from Essex University and the Edge Hotel School and some of their senior students. The photographer was only available for a specific length of time.

Each student spends a series of 7-week sessions working in the hotel doing different jobs, so they can be regarded as hotel staff. For this reason those attending the event entered their names on the attendance sheet, along with the vice-principal who was formally a hotel manager.

Since I am alone in Primrose Publishing, I had no option but to present every session on my own, although the vice-principal attended throughout and was as helpful as he could be. He is very enthusiastic about our materials and is keen to exploit them.

A young intern, spending his university vacation working at the Edge Hotel School, was able to take photographs.

The programme outlining the content of the event is attached. It is a real shame that none of the important invitees was able to attend.

I have agreed with the head of the University Languages Department that I will run a training session for them during the coming term so they will be able to see all the language material that we have created and which they will be free to use in their teaching.

David Sephton

Primrose Publishing Ltd



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