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Participation at ECER conference in Hungary 2015

„KeySkills4EUHotelStaff” project presented for international scientific audience in Hungary


In September 2015 ECER, the European Conference on Educational Research, brought together over 3.000 participants from Europe and around the world to discuss and present their research in Budapest.

The annual European international scientific conference ECER took place at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary from 7 to 11 September 2015. The aim of the ‘European Conference on Educational Research’ is to create an inclusive platform for initiating, reporting, discussing and promoting high quality educational research, that not only acknowledges its own context but also recognizes wider, transnational contexts with their social, cultural and political similarities and differences. The conference theme of 2015 was "Education and Transition. Contributions from Educational Research".

“The ECER conference in Budapest 2015 addressed different aspects of transition and education across Europe. These include, for example, the changes in the university structure within the fields of humanities and social sciences and their unforeseen effects on educational research. On a larger scale, transitions in political systems are affecting both education and educational research in several regions. Furthermore the economic austerity has forced people across Europe to reorient their lives, not always for the better. Finally, transitions in educational research affect its theoretical and methodological developments.” (ECER 2015 conference website)

Work of ECER is organized in 32 Research Networks each devoted to certain aspects of education and learning. Dr.paed. Ineta Luka, professor of Turiba University, Latvia participated in the conference and presented the project in Network 11 “Educational Effectiveness and Quality Assurance” session Adults’ Training and Promotion of Values for Integrated Societies”. The report by Ineta Luka “Enhancing Employability Skills for Tourism and Hospitality Industry Employees in Europe” caused participants’ interest and discussions after the presentation. The discussants expressed a wish to be further informed with the results of the course piloting and the created teaching/learning materials. The report is available on:

Dr.paed. Ineta Luka


Project manager of Turiba University, Latvia


ECER conference



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