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The Swiss Connection

On February 9, 2016, a group of colleagues has visited the Faculty of Economics, Socio-Human Sciences and Engineering, Miercurea Ciuc of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania from Höchere Fachschule für Tourismus (HFT) Tourismus Akademie, Luzern and Thun, Switzerland who were also interested in the activities of the Department of Humanities.

On this occasion Zsuzsanna Ajtony, lecturer of the Department, manager of the Sapientia team, presented the Erasmus+ international project the department is involved in, entitled “Key Skills for EU Hotel Staff”. Marcel Furer and Daniel Mahler were given leaflets of the project. After having been presented with both the apps and the e-learning platform, they showed great interest in our project and asked questions.

After the meeting, we agreed that in the near future Swiss students will visit our faculty for a study trip and we included a possible future collaboration in the domain of tourism and languages.

Zsuzsanna Ajtony

Project Manager of Sapientia team





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