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Dissemination and piloting at Salone dell'orientamento (Education Fair) Genoa

From the 3rd to the 5th of November 2015 IPSSA “Nino Bergese” was hosted at  Genoa's salone dell'orientamento (education fair), an event attended by final year students from middle and secondary schools choosing their future educational paths. “Nino Bergese” was assigned a stand managed by students and teachers who were in charge of promoting the school's activities. We took advantage of this opportunity to also advertise the Keyskills4euhotelstaff project and pilot the mobile phone apps. We projected a power point presentation describing the project's aims and contents and provided detailed information about it to those who appeared interested. We also showed how the mobile apps work and let curious people play with them. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to hand out questionnaires as the space we were assigned was quite small with nowhere to sit.However, most of the people who asked us for more information about the project and the apps were enthusiastic about them and thought that they are both very useful and innovative ideas.On 4 November, Nino Bergese's staff officially introduced the project during an Erasmus plus conference attended by people currently working on Erasmus plus projects. We handed out leaflets and replied to people's questions about our project. The audience's feedback was very positive and all of the people who tested the apps found them extremely useful and interesting.


Simona Pellizzari

Project manager of Nino Bergese, Italy



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