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Dissemination: 7 separate presentations 9-13 November 2015

Piccolo Hotel Gurschler in Maso Corto, Val Senales, Alto Adige, Italy

Hotel Goldenes Kreuz in Madonna di Senales, Alto Adige. Italy

This was the third dissemination that I ran at this hotel so it was very interesting to see how far they had remembered what I had demonstrated and how far they were convinced that they should adopt the materials for improving their own language skills.

Again it was difficult to get more than one or two people together at the same time as the hotel could not spare them for a group presentation. So individual demonstrations were given, spread over several days. This proved an advantage as each member of staff could ask their own questions and use the Front Desk programs and play with the digital maps on the laptop themselves and see how easy they were to handle.

Many of them came up with interesting reactions, and new ideas - some of which we have felt able to implement on later versions.

Several had I-Phones so it was not possible for them to install the apps on them.  But those with Android smartphones or tablets had a lot of fun exploring the kind of sentences available in a variety of languages.

Most of them said they would very much like to have Front Desk and the apps available for them to use in their spare time.

David Sephton

Project manager of Primrose Publishing LTD.

Joint leader- major tourism group.JPGEtti - Bar Assistant.JPGCaterine - Disco  Pub Manager.JPGHermann - Promotion and IT.JPGGiulia - Hotel Owner.JPGMichael - Bar Manager.JPGTourism Leader - major group.JPGSteffan - Restaurant Manager.JPGRestaurant  Kitchen staff2.jpg


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