Project dissemination and piloting the learning program at Turističko-ugostiteljska škola in Split

On 19 May 2016 TUSDU team visited Turističko-ugostiteljska škola in Split and presented the project information to the language teachers and principal at their school. After gaining main information about the project language teachers tried online learning program. TUSDU project coordinator Hilarija Lozančić Benić presented curriculum, guidelines and project website. All 12 language teachers were really interested in Modules created on the ELearning platform. They had a chance to try both of them A2/B1 and B2/C1 Modules. The teachers pointed out that the Modules developed for A2/B1 level – Hotel reception, Restaurant, Hotel Business centre, Restaurant kitchen, City, Management offices – will help students to develop their reading and listening of the chosen foreign language at their school.

After piloting, language teachers did questionnaire, which will help to improve online learning program.

Hilarija Lozančić Benić

Project team member of TUSDU, Croatia


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