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The first multiplier event within the Erasmus+ project „Key Skills for European Union Hotel Staff” (Project No: 2014-1-HR01-KA2014-007224) held in Genoa was called “Presentation of the Erasmus+ project and use of Smartphone Apps and Front Desk 4 program”.

This multiplier event was planned in accordance with another important meeting of the APCI organisation of ‘chefs de cuisine’. The period of the workshop was chosen deliberately to be connected with it in order to invite as many stakeholders as possible and many teachers as well.

The aim of the workshop was to present to stakeholders and teachers from the local area both the project itself and the materials that it had been produced up to the point of the meeting. Its additional aim was to gauge reactions and to help identify any weaknesses or problems in the materials.

The computer software and the smartphone apps were presented by Daniela Poggi to an audience made up mainly of stakeholders from many industries (hotels, restaurants, bars and associations connected to tourism industry) and cookery and bar tending teachers. These teachers were personally interested in the project, while many of them  teach secondary school pupils, who will be future employees in the tourism and catering sectors. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Angelo Capizzi the headmaster of IPSSA Nino Bergese, greeted the participants and introduced the representatives of APCI. This was followed by a presentation of the project by Daniela Poggi in which she presented the learning material using the Moodle software. Daniela also showed the participants the computer software, the interactive maps and the smartphone apps. The stakeholders and teachers put questions to the presenters and were encouraged to try and later use the various materials. The meeting ended with an open discussion.

Simona Pellizzari

Project manager of IPSSA Nino Bergese



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