Project presentation in the leading education conference in Europe

ECER (European Conference on Educational Research) is the leading education conference in Europe organised annually since 1992.

The aim of the ‘European Conference on Educational Research’ is to create an inclusive platform for initiating, reporting, discussing and promoting high quality educational research, that not only acknowledges its own context but also recognises wider, transnational contexts with their social, cultural and political similarities and differences. The conference is organised for emerging, as well as experienced, researchers and builds on and promotes free and open dialogue and critical discussion. It has a comprehensive approach to theory, methods, arguments, findings and research ethics

ECER 2016 "Leading Education: The Distinct Contributions of Educational Research and Researchers" will take place at University College Dublin from 22-26 August, 2016.

Professor Ineta Luka, Turiba University, Latvia, has written a paper based on the piloting results and course evaluation of the project outputs in the partner countries and the paper is published in the online Conference Proceedings. The paper is available on: and on our project webpage in section for public documents: Project presentation in the leading education conference in Europe