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Job Fair 2015 in Dubrovnik

Dissemination at Job Fair in Dubrovnik 2015

Job fair has been traditional event for years organized by Croatian labour exchange with its partners. It took place on 10 April 2015 at University of Dubrovnik. It is designed for employers, unemployed people, job-seekers, students, pupils and graduated students. As a part of this year’s job fair 35 leading employers of Dubrovnik-Neretva County and full-scale education sector were introduced.  This event has been used for dissemination of the project as well. Participants were introduced with main goals and aims of it and how project can be used later in the future. They were told about needs analysis, course syllabus and 50 national dishes that have been translated into 12 European languages. The learning platform is being designed which also will be helpful for everyone who wants to improve their language skills. They were very excited when smartphone application was mentioned because they agreed it because it is going to be very useful in every day’s life and facilitate improving other’s culture and languages. Information was also distributed via social media – Facebook.

Hilarija Lozančić Benić

Project team member of TUSDU, Croatia


Dissemination: 7 separate presentations 8-13 March 2015

Dissemination: 7 separate presentations 8-13 March 2015

Piccolo Hotel Gurschler in Maso Corto, Val Senales, Alto Adige, Italy

Hotel Goldenes Kreuz in Madonna di Senales, Alto Adige. Italy

Maso Corto is at the head of the Senales Valley. Madonna di Senales is 8 km further down the valley. The several trips between them were free of charge by ski-bus.Because this was one of the busiest weeks of the year for both hotels, it was not possible to get all members of the hotel staff to take time off for a single presentation at each hotel. So I gave 7 separate presentations to small groups that could be spared for an hour.I gave four of the presentations in German, and three in Italian. Both languages are spoken in South Tirol.I have known the senior staff in both hotels for fifteen years. They are very enthusiastic. They already use my Tick-Tack language software and have the CD and smartphone app for Travellers’ Questions.Each presentation included a detailed explanation of the project KeySkills4EU Hotel Staff, a demonstration of the 4 digital maps, a demonstration of the four FrontDesk software programs in six languages (with answers), featuring the new FrontDesk banner screen and the latest version of the screen layout.Several files were shown and studied describing 50 dishes in national cuisines. They realized that they would be much more helpful to guests than what they put on their own menus.The participants were extremely interested to see how the project is developing since I gave a preview of the project’s plans last November. They are very keen to have access to the eLearning platform even before it is operational – if that is possible - just to see how it is structured.Several of the participants expressed a keen interest in taking part in one of the EU-Skills courses that I run at Cambridge University since all future courses will feature the materials created in our present project.The owners of both hotels want me to come back in November and give their staff a detailed update on all the new material that we will be developing in the project during the coming months.The accompanying photos show many of the participants in the two hotels, the materials that were demonstrated and the location of the hotels in the mountains.HG in the file-names of the photos indicates Hotel Gurschler (Maso Corto). zGK indicates Goldenes Kreuz (Madonna di Senales).

David Sephton

Project Manager of Primrose Publishing Limited, UK

Dissemination at meeting of principals at Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota

Dissemination at meeting of principals at Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota

On 25 March 2015 principals from different higher vocational schools, offering economic programs, attended a meeting at Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota. Mrs Nada Vadnov is principal of the higher vocational school in Postojna in the Littoral-Inner Carniola region, Mag. Bojan Sešel is the principal of the higher vocational school in Celje in the Savinja region and Mag. Jože Kranjc is the principal of the higher vocational school in Brežice in the Lower Sava region. The director and principal of our higher vocational school, dr. Beno Klemenčič, was present as well as our school organized the meeting. There were supposed to be two more principals but unfortunately they had other obligations. Nevertheless the dissemination was important as the principals came from different regions of the country and they can spread the word about the project. 

I informed the principals about the project partners, the goals of the project and the results of the project so far. I told them about the needs analysis report and the findings, the translations we already completed the course syllabus we prepared and the national dishes which have been translated. I also showed them the project website and the e-learning platform, which will be available to anyone. But the most interesting and attractive thing was the smartphone app which I presented on my smart phone and which will be available to anybody who would like to use it. I downloaded the sample application from Dropbox so that everybody could see how it is going to work and how it can be used. I also handed them out the project flyers with the project description and our contacts. If they are interested in more details and would like to provide other people with some information about the project, they can contact us. All of them were enthusiastic about the project and they could see that the project results and products will be useful not only for a small target group of hotel and hospitality staff but also for teachers and students of these fields and for a broader public in at least 12 European countries or even more.

Erna Vöröš,

Project manager of Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota,



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