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Dissemination: 5th February 2015 at Turiba, Latvia

On Thursday, February 5 2015, Turiba University held a project dissemination meeting at its premises. The project team members participated at the meeting of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality of the Faculty of International Tourism in which the ideas about the language course, suitable to Turiba University needs were exchanged. Tourism professors supported the project team with lots of ideas and they are looking forward to the created course that would be very useful for the University students before having their summer internship in the hospitality enterprises.

Dr.paed., prof. Ineta Luka
Head of the Department of Languages
Project manager of Turiba University


Dissemination: “Nino Bergese” Italy

The state hotel and catering school “Nino Bergese”
Participates in the EU project

Key Skills for European Union Hotel Staff

The project, which lasts two school years (September 2014 – August 2016), aims to:

-ascertain the level of competence e ability (specifically, professional skills and linguistic competences) with an eye to their relevance in the labour market

-motivate hotel staff by providing them with the competence needed to offer a better service when communicating with a customer in his or her language

 To wit…

The project aims to create a wide variety of answers to the various questions and requests of customers in typical situations at reception, at the restaurant, at the bar and other hotel contexts. The material, available on DVD and smartphone application, will be produced in 12 languages (English, Italian, Croatian, Latvian, Slovenian, Romanian, Hungarian, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Greek).


The project aims to create a comprehensive guide to cultural differences between European and extra-European countries and provide answers to the question:
“What to do and, more importantly, what not to say and do in various countries and contexts while talking to foreign customers?”

How does the project work?

•The teachers involved will translate and draft the material, present and disseminate the project;
•The cooperation between partners will take place via e-mail, skype and telephone;
•5 transnational  meetings are set to verify progress:
November 2014 – Dubrovnik
May 2015 – Miercurea Ciuc
October 2015 – Riga
March 2016 – Genova
August 2016 – Murska Sobota

The institutions involved:

The leading school:
-Turistička i ugostiteljska škola Dubrovnik /Hotel and catering school from Dubrovnik (Croazia)

-Sia Biznesa Augstskola Turiba /BAT University of Riga (Latvia)

-Ekonomska šola, Murska Sobota
Višja Strokovna Šola /The school of economics of Murska Sobota (Slovenia)

 -Universitatea Sapientia Din Cluj-Napoca /Sapientia University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

-Primrose Publishing Limited /Primrose Publishing (a company that specializes in new technologies applicable to the industry of audio-visual materials)

 The opening meeting
Dubrovnik 3-4 November 2014


In the two days’ activities we analysed the project in terms of contents, activities to be carried out, schedules and administrative work. Each partner presented a report on the tourism market of their own country, trying to pinpoint its specific needs. We visited the hotel and catering school of Dubrovnik and had a chance to share experiences with colleagues from different realities, but with the same enthusiasm as us…


Dissemination: 11th December 2014 at Turiba, Latvia

On 11 December, 2014, the Department of Foreign Languages of Turiba University, Latvia organised the project “Key Skills for European Union Hotel Staff” (Project No. 2014-1-HR01-KA2014-007224) dissemination seminar.
The target audience was Turiba University teaching staff – 18 professors and tourism industry representatives giving lectures to the students of the Faculty of International Tourism.
During the seminar the project manager of Turiba University team, Dr.paed. associate professor Ineta Luka, introduced the seminar participants with the project aim, objectives, project stages and expected project outcomes. The participants discussed the issues and made suggestions for the learning tasks for students and industry employees.




Erasmus+ project “KeySkills for European Union Hotel Staff”

   Project No. 2014-1-HR01-KA2014-007224

Dissemination:  9th December 2014 at Selwyn College, Cambridge


From 7th to 13th December 2014 Primrose held its traditional 6-day Euro-Skills course at Cambridge University, in Cambridge, England. The course participants were a group of 12 Slovenian teachers from hotel and tourism schools. During the course a special dissemination seminar was organized to introduce course participants to the project. 


The seminar consisted of a presentation of the project accompanied by a demonstration how the software programs work, and then a series of images projected onto the screen of the 7 draft digital maps being developed on the digital-map web-site. This was followed by an account and demonstration of how the digital maps will be used.Each participant had been given a copy of the four “Guest Questions” computer programs: Village, Seaside, Ski Resort and Restaurant. These they installed on their laptops and were shown how they will be used by teachers, students and hotel trainees. They were able to watch a demonstration on the big screen of the programs in action in the seven languages already completed: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Greek. They were then able to practise using the 4 programs on their laptops. Reactions were both positive and enthusiastic. They all want to be kept in touch as the project develops and to have copies of the new materials as they are completed. They want to try out the materials with their students.


David Sephton


Primrose Publishing Ltd



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