Public Documents

Joint needs analysis report

A2 B1 Joint Course Syllabus

Technical report on choice of platform

Conference paper intercultural issues

Conference paper project overview


ECER Conference paper by Ineta Luka

Intercultural Guidelines Joint Variant 

ECER conference

Article on Needs analysis in Scholarly Journal "Acta Prosperitatis"

Report Multiplier Event September 2015

B2-C1 Course Syllabus English

Final joint report on A2 B1 language course

Report on Multiplier Event Sapientia 2015

Second language learning scientific article

Paper on course piloting

Final Course Piloting Report

Report Multiplier Event-E2-Turiba

Report Multiplier event-E2-TUSDU

Report Multiplier Event-E2-Sapientia

Report Multiplier Event-E2-Ekonomska šola Murska Sobota

Report Multiplier Event-E2- Nino Bergese

Project Overall report on the Smartphone apps and FrontDesk 2 program

Developing Language Competence

Less Common Prepositional Phrases used in Foreign Languages

Course Certification and Course Integration in Curricula

Report on Final Conference-15.6.2016

Scientific paper in the field of philology

Report on Multiplier Event-E2-Primrose Publishing Ltd.